P2 visit to Five Sisters Zoo

P2 visit to Five Sisters Zoo

Lots of animals to see!

Today P2 set off for Five Sisters Zoo with slight trepidation. Storm Hector was looming with high winds and rain forecast. On arrival at the zoo the storm had taken its toll. The wallaby walkway was closed as trees had been blown onto it and many other schools had cancelled their visit so it remained for the intrepid cargundian pre- prepers to sally forth! The animals obliged despite the wind and popped their heads out of their burrows to see who had braved the elements to see them.

Meerkats stood on guard, otters were fed and an angry porcupine quivered its quills. Harley, the parrot flew above our heads in the reptile house and Carmen, the brown bear, had a quick bath! The magnificent ex-circus lions were resting on straw beds and the Barbary sheep were clashing their horns. A huge thank you to all our adult helpers who weathered the wind with us!

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