P1P have fun in the snow!

P1P have fun in the snow!

Lots of learning opportunities too!

Fantastic investigative skills in P1P today as we explored the snow around the school. The children came up with some fascinating questions they wanted to know the answers to. Some of the questions we were able to answer, but some of the trickier ones we will need a bit more thinking time.

These are some of the interesting questions we thought of:

Why has the water not frozen in the water fountain?

Why does salt melt ice?

Why is there snow on one part of the roof and not on another?

Where will the snow melt first?

Why do some wellies leave better prints than others?

What does snow feel, smell, look, sound and taste like?

Is there ice under the snow?

How long could you lie in the snow for?

Could you actually freeze to the astro?

Do you get different types of snow?

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