Form 4 camp weekend

Form 4 camp weekend

Lots of fun, laughter and teamwork on show

Form 4 arrived at Rock UK with great excitement and anticipation. They quickly made their beds and headed off to the swimming pool where lots of fun and games were had, including piggy in the middle and being pushed in! With dinner and a story in the evening they settled for the night. On Saturday we split into groups and took part in; open water canoeing, where the brave jumped into the freezing lake, climbing, low ropes, a zip wire and team building activities. All the staff were very proud of how the children supported each other and challenged themselves to face their fears. Sunday involved a beautiful hike in the hills where the children found a range of creatures, learnt about old settlements on the land and bonded with their friends. Everyone had a wonderful time and came back to school thriving from the experience.

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