Growing up in North Scotland

Growing up in North Scotland

Form 4 learn lots!

Form 4 have been learning about all things "Scottish" in their History lessons and what better way to develop their skills than learning some Gaelic.  As a fluent gaelic-speaker, Mr MacDonald, grandfather of Emma and Caitlin Leckie, visited us to give us some phrases to try out at home.  He showed us a map of Scotland, with all the place names in Gaelic, and taught us how to say various greetings.  He continued to tell us about life growing up in a small village in northern Scotland.  The photos were fascinating, particularly when he showed us the local school and its annual school photograph; there were only 6 children!  We saw photos of men digging the peat for their fires, as there was no electricity, and the ways in which they caught fish.  It was a fascinating insight so thank you, Mr MacDonald.

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