P1 buzzing after Bee workshop!

Lots of learning about bees.

Today, Primary 1 took part in a science workshop on ‘Little Giants’ which was all about bees. We have been learning all about plants over the last few weeks as part of our ‘In the Garden’ topic and we will be shortly moving on to learn about all the different mini-beasts and insects who live ‘in the garden’ so our workshop was a great introduction to what’s to come over next half term. As part of the workshop, we learnt all about bees and how important they are to humans, animals and plants.

We learnt the difference between the queen bee, the drones and the female worker bees and what they all do in the hive. We then learnt all about pollination and had a chance to pretend to be a worker bee ourselves; drinking nectar from plants and picking up pollen on our travels! We had a fantastic afternoon, well done Primary 1!

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