P2 in search of dinosaurs!

P2 in search of dinosaurs!

What a mess they made in the classrooms!

Havoc in the P2 classrooms!

Yesterday when P2 came into school we discovered a crime had been committed overnight! Something had been in our classrooms, it had upturned the desks, emptied the pencil pots and left rather large footprints!

I wonder if our intruder has anything to do with our half term topic of dinosaurs?!

We decided to set up a camera overnight in the hope that we might catch the culprit in action! We discussed whether our dinosaur was a herbivore or a carnivore and hoped it was the former as we didn’t want to be its lunch!

Have you seen the dinosaur?

The cameras were poised ready for action and they didn’t disappoint! Yet again, P2 were greeted this morning with further havoc in their classrooms and we even caught a glimpse of the culprits tail on film! This time the perpetrator had even left its lunch in the form of some chewed-on leaves! The children were quick to point out it must be a herbivore. Thank goodness!

We decided something must be done so we made wanted posters to put around the school in case it has been spotted elsewhere.

Do let P2 know if you catch a glimpse of this prehistoric intruder!

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