Final P2 dinosaur update!

Final P2 dinosaur update!

Lots of measuring outside!

This afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful Winter weather and armed with our metre rulers we headed out onto the field to investigate the lengths of some of the world’s longest and shortest dinosaurs. Accuracy was extremely important if we were to compare each dinosaur to another and so in our groups we meticulously measured every metre using a system of cones revealing some interesting facts. We were amazed at how some of the shortest dinosaurs like the Oviraptor could even have lived next to some of the longest like the 26m diplodocus!

Miss Lowe and Mrs Spencer couldn’t even imagine a creature that was 26m long so we thought we’d have a go at creating one ourselves- the P2-a-saurus. Arms outstretched and standing parallel to the length of the diplodocus, we realised we were just about longer!

Take a look at our measuring skills, I think it’s safe to say I’m glad these gigantic creatures don’t roam the earth today!

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