2nd Rounders lose to Belhaven and St Mary's

2nd Rounders lose to Belhaven and St Mary's

Girls battle hard on the rounders field.

It was a bit of a miserable afternoon but we were pleased to have our first match on home soil. We played Belhaven first and from the off it was clear that they were a really strong team. We batted first and their fielding was impressive especially around 2nd base. We managed to clock up a few half rounders but only Sophia made it all the way round. Clemmie hit well and was a fantastic captain thinking carefully about tactics but was caught out and Evie was run out at 4th. Belhaven were also extremely strong at batting and seemed to know just where to hit between 2nd and 3rd post, Amy S made two really good catches at backstop but Belhaven were definitely the stronger team.

Final score Belhaven 11 ½, Cargilfield 4

The St Mary’s match was much more of a close run game. We were off and scoring half rounders form the first ball with all but one of our players clocking up at least 2 half rounders. We settled into a really good innings and things were definitely looking up. However, luck was not on our side. Flora was injured at first base which meant we were a player down. A few mistakes around second and third let St Mary’s just sneak in and steal a win.

Final score St Mary’s 9, Cargilfield 7 1/2

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