U9 Girls enjoy their first netball matches!

U9 Girls enjoy their first netball matches!

A win and a loss and lots of fun!

The Under nine girls played 2 matches against St Marys on a very cold Wednesday afternoon but we were very excited to play.

Cargilfield A 6 St Mary’s 2.

The A team played first and whilst St Mary’s were very quick to find spaces and also marked well, our attacking four of Lucy at centre, Maddie at wing attack and Tunrayo and Izzy as our shooting pair gelled together beautifully. Quick balls were provided and four goals resulted from this excellent passing. Esme and Amalia were surprised when St Mary’s managed to get the ball into the shooting circle and were not as active as they should have been. St Mary’s scored a goal. Luckily the defence then improved.

St Marys were better in the second half and we did not have so many shots on goal. We also had some players who definitely slowed down because of the cold. Next time hopefully all the girls will have more layers on to help keep them warm. Athena played the last two thirds as GD and worked well and Bea tried hard as WD as Savannah was injured. When Savannah came back on she moved well around the pitch and tried to intercept but she does need to remember where she is allowed go. We did not score in the second third, but in the final third of the game, Izzy managed to get two goals. St Mary’s scored their second, leaving the final score of Cargilfield 6 St Mary’s 2. Whilst we have some work to do on our marking and intercepting we did play well together and it was a fine first game. Well done, Girls!

Cargilfield B 1 St Mary’s 6.

The B team played against St Mary’s younger girls, with most of the girls playing their first competitive match. We tried hard with star players being Isabella who worked tirelessly as centre, Hattie, who got into great spaces as WD, Natasha, who, as WA, was also good at moving herself and the ball around and Nadia who scored the only goal. Some players were again affected by the cold and did not play their best. More layers will be needed next time, girls. Tessa made some good interceptions but was unable to score. St Mary’s were good at intercepting and getting the ball. They dominated the game with the final score being Cargilfield 1 St Mary’s 6.

Despite the cold we all had fun and we enjoyed our match tea together. Thank you, catering staff!

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